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The new year is here so we decided it was time for a fun new theme!  Cute outfits, giants candy and a rainbow of colorful fun for your little ones!  Book your session now!


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Happy 30th Birthday! Happy 30th Birthday!

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree Sessions being held now for Christmas!  Your choice of indoor and outdoor at my Florence studio or at your favorite location.  

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Snowflakes and Smiles There is just nothing more magical than glistening snowflakes and the warmth of holiday charm! Book your outdoor sessions now and pick your favorite location or use mine.


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Free Newborn Sessions Still offering free newborn sessions with unlimited printing rights for all babies up to 4 weeks.

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Open House Party

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Fruity Birthday Smash!

 Try something new instead of the same old birthday cake for your baby's big celebration!  Colorful, fun and oh so Summery, fruit can be used in so many wonderful color and flavor combinations!  Oranges and Pineapples!  Blueberries and Strawberries! A Watermelon Picnic!  The options are endless and super healthy as well.

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Rainbow Baby  


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Happy Mother's Day! A Mother is like a flower: each one beautiful and unique.

So for just a short time let me take your place behind the camera and capture you and your gorgeous loved ones for Mother's Day this year! 


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Easter Sessions in Full Swing Easter Bunny Photos and a Pastel 1st Birthday!Dresses at Sara Cox Photography are all handmade with coordinating hair accessories and so much more!

  All of our dresses and outfits are handmade here at Sara Cox Photographer

  along with our hair accessories, banners, blankets and so much more!

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Welcome Baby

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and all the dreams you dare to dream really do come true. - Wizard of Oz

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